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Have you considered what would happen to your business if you were to become ill or had an accident? Including Personal Accident & Sickness cover in your Tannas Insurance Business Pack can help minimize the impact to your business.

The Cover

Personal Accident and Sickness cover protects the insured against loss of income resulting from an injury or sickness.

This type of cover can provide:

  • Benefits to the insured in the event of accidental Death or Permanent Injury (based on the compensation percentage shown on the schedule multiplied by the capital sum insured); and
  • Average Weekly Income Benefits to the insured for certain Accidents and/or Sickness of the nominated persons.

Examples of events which are covered include:

  • Accidental death;
  • Accidental permanent disabling injury;
  • Temporary total or temporary partial disablement as a result of an accident or sickness.

What is excluded?

The following exclusions apply to this cover. For further details, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement:

  • Age;
  • AIDS or HIV;
  • Air travel;
  • Diseases;
  • Existing medical condition;
  • Alcohol and drugs;
  • Mental condition;
  • Occupations/sports;
  • Pregnancy; and
  • Suicide/self injury.


The following conditions apply to Personal Accident and Sickness cover:

*The insured must advise Tannas Insurance immediately if there is:

  • A change in the persons usual occupation;
  • Any accident, disability and/or sickness insurance is held with another insurer;
  • If the insured person becomes affected by any disease, physical defect, infirmity, sickness or injury, you must advise Tannas Insurance before the next renewal.

*Physical examination – in the event of a claim being made under this section, the insured person must undertake a medical examination (at our expense).

*Medical Treatment – on the occurrence of any injury, accident or sickness the insured person must undertake and follow treatment from a legally qualified medical practitioner as soon as possible

One in two Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime. About 1.6 million Canadians currently have heart disease or are living with the effects of a stroke. These statistics from the Public Health Agency of Canada can be sobering, but a new poll found that Canadians aren’t preparing themselves to deal with these and other illnesses.

“The good news is that thanks to medical advancements, many people are surviving critical illnesses and living longer, fulfilling lives with their families. “But recovering from a serious illness can be expensive and other forms of insurance may leave a gap in your coverage. Critical illness insurance is designed to fill this gap and reduce the impact that an illness has on a family’s overall financial health.”

“No one plans to get sick, but it’s important to ensure your family is covered in the event that something unexpected happens. Everyone’s situation is different, so it’s important to speak to an expert at Tannas Insurance so that we can recommend a policy that works for you and your family.”

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